Graeme Wilkie • Wood Fired Ceramics  



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George Piercy . Aust  2000 -2002

Daneil Wall, Aust 2000-2002

Ana Maria Hernández y Jensen  Spain 2002 - 2009

Gaelle Haubtmann,  France  2002-03

Daneil Berzins, Aust 2010-2011

Gaelle Haubtmann,  French student  2002-03 comments about Graeme Wilkie

“He belongs to that rare sort of human being who is passionate, generous and

open-minded. He is ready to give a lot to his students and pushes them to

outdo themselves and go beyond their personal limits. This provocative

attitude was difficult sometimes but very beneficial. Graeme opened a new

way of seeing or thinking, and that completes my apprenticeship.”